Drive-in theaters have always held a special place deep in the heart of Texas. These open-air cinemas have entertained moviegoers since the early 1930s. Sadly, as technology has advanced, these unique theaters have declined. Luckily there are still several drive-in theaters in Texas to enjoy a movie under the stars, including one in Abilene for sale.

I recently read an article where two of Texas' drive-in theaters were nominated for best in the country when I started thinking about the one we used to have here in town. Town & Country Drive-In opened in Abilene in 1956. For almost 70 years the theater once known as "the largest drive-in theater in Texas" would entertain folks in Abilene.

I remember going to the Town & Country as a kid and later even taking my kids to the theater. There's just something about being in the open air, with the tailgate down on the truck, the movie blaring from the speakers as folks would make their way back and forth from the iconic concession stand. There was nothing quite like it.

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Sadly, in 2022, the theater would be vandalized and because of repair costs closed its doors with the hope of reopening.

An Abilene woman named Brittni Hill started a Facebook page hoping to bring the theater back to its glory days. But in early 2024, Hill announced that the owner had decided to sell the theater.

Iconic Drive-In Theater For Sale in Texas

The drive-in theater, with screens still standing tall, is located at 2902 Vogel Street in Abilene. The property includes over 20 acres of land, the iconic concession stand, screens, and more. If you have about $750,000, you can own this local treasure.

Check out the photos of the property courtesy of One Shot Media here in Abilene.

Iconic Texas Drive-In Theater For Sale

You could own a piece of Texas history with this iconic theater for sale in Abilene, Texas.

Gallery Credit: Chaz

The Decline of Drive-In Theaters

The first drive-in theater was launched in New Jersey in 1934. That same year, Texas opened what would be the third-ever drive-in theater in the United States and the first for the Lone Star State. At the peak of its popularity, Texas claimed to have more drive-in theaters than any other state in America.

With multiplex theaters popping up along with all of the streaming services available now, movie-watching experiences have changed dramatically. However, there are still quite a few drive-in theaters to take the family to.

So, the next time you find yourself cruising through Texas, make sure you catch a flick at one of Texas' iconic drive-in theaters. And immerse yourself in the magic of watching a movie under the Texas stars.

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