Country music star George Strait's recent show in Texas broke the concert attendance record held for almost five decades. But this isn't the only record broken in the Lone Star State. Check out some of the more unique records that have been broken in the state of Texas.

New Concert Attendance Record

The record was previously held by The Grateful Dead who amassed 107,019 people in 1977. On June 15th, 2024, George Strait packed in 110,905 fans to claim the new record.

They don't call him "King George" for nothing.

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Unique Records Broken In Texas

As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas and we prove it with some of the most gigantic things you'll ever see. But size is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to some of the more unique records ever broken in the Lone Star State.

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Some of these records are a no-brainer for Texas we we have the tallest Blue Bonnets, the largest oatmeal container, the biggest cowboy hat, or the largest belt buckle. But records are a bit unique such as the largest snowball fight in a hot climate, the largest gathering of people dressed as astronauts, and more.

Unusual Records Broken in the State of Texas

Texas is known for its eclectic culture, which extends to the unusual records its residents hold. Here are some of the most notable and unusual records:

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

Can you imagine a snowball fight in the summer? Or witnessing over 250 people walking around dressed as astronauts for no absolute reason?

Yes, Texas does have some of the more unique records to date proving once again that everything is just done bigger in Texas.

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