Mannnn, even being a Type 1 diabetic, it is hard to resist a taste of banana pudding. That's all I will have is a taste. That mixture of bananas whipped into a pudding with the vanilla wafers is a favorite dessert of many. Just about any restaurant that serves banana pudding for dessert is great. If you have a pudding recipe that's been passed down in the family, that makes the taste buds happy, too. There is a town in West Texas that loves banana pudding so much, they will host an entire festival around it. It will be in Slaton, Texas and hosted by a 100-year-old bakery there.

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Texas Banana Pudding Festival

Of the thousands of festivals out there that celebrate some unique things, you would think that someone would have a created a festival around banana pudding. I mean, the sweetness, the vanilla wafers, the combination of the two is perfect to not only fill a bowl but to throw a party around. This is also a celebration of one of the oldest bakeries around, Slaton Bakery. This year is their 100th birthday. The festival will feature live music, a host of vendors and, of course, banana pudding.

Texas Banana Pudding Festival Details

The festival will take place Saturday, September 2 at Slaton Bakery. Passes, oh wait, a "Pudding Pass," is $20 per person and will include a sample of four different banana pudding flavors:

  • Church Lady Banana Pudding
  • Whiskey Banana Pudding
  • 5 Star Pudding (has layers of banana nut bread)
  • Texas Delight

Slaton Bakery

Slaton Bakery opened in 1923. Currently they serve donuts, pastries, cookies and cakes along with bread and various breakfast items. The bakery also is the maker of their world famous vanilla wafers that have been voted "Best in Texas" several times (

If you're interested in a drive to West Texas the first weekend of September, get all the details on the first ever Texas Banana Pudding Festival on the Slaton Bakery Facebook page.

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