Back in January, the world was introduced to a man from Texas who was planning to take on one of the biggest retailers in the world. He was suing for an eye-watering $100 million or a lifetime of unlimited free shopping. This week, there was an update in the story.

What Texas, Nebraska, And Walmart Have To Do With The Walmart Lawsuit

In case you haven't heard or have forgotten, this whole story begins with a fateful trip to a Walmart in Nebraska made by a Texan in 2021. Roderick Jackson was in Omaha at a Walmart, where he claims he was racially profiled and wrongfully accused of stealing, and this all led to a false arrest.

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Roderick filed two handwritten complaints and sued Walmart for $100 million or lifetime unlimited free shopping. He also requested for court fees to be paid. My biggest question is why he would wait three years to take action.

How Is That $100 Million Lawsuit Against Walmart Going?

Not very well, according to recent reports. First, the court determined he hadn't completed his complaints properly before taking them to be filed. He had to go back and refile the complaints if he wanted to continue.

Jackson refiled the complaints, this time without the lifetime of free unlimited shopping. At this point, Walmart supposedly requested the cases to be dismissed. The court did just that. Both of the lawsuits have been thrown out with the judge citing "failure to state a proper claim and lack of jurisdiction".

If you're thinking this is the end of the drama between Roderick and Walmart, you'd be mistaken. Supposedly, he's already filed an appeal. The appeal requests are also supposedly handwritten.

I'm not the world's biggest fan of hiring a lawyer, mostly because they cost so much. However, if you're going to take on one of the world's biggest retail giants it would probably be wise to hire someone who at least knows how to file the paperwork properly. I'll be waiting with my popcorn to see what happens next.

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