Inside the Unbelievable Town Where Anything Goes: Exploring the Enigma of Oklahoma's Lawless Haven.

There was an area in Oklahoma that was once called No Man's Land and today we're going to dive into why every single crime there used to be legal for about 40 years.

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Below is a map showing the line that was used to create the Missouri Compromise, which made slave states out of the states north of the 36 1/2 parallel (green line) to the 37th parallel. Therefore part of Texas was cut off and it was now forced to be given up or else it would no longer be able to be a slave state.


No State Claimed It

The area didn't immediately go to Oklahoma, while Kansas and Nebraska had already made an act starting at the 37th parallel so they could not take it. This land ended up becoming No Man's Land and was owned by no government. It became the Wild West where not the best frontier people lived.

Beer City Sounds Awesome

One of the thriving towns that was there was called Beer City. This is because during prohibition they couldn't get alcohol in the United States so these saloons would pop up in Beer City and the Cowboys rotated around coming in and getting beer and whatever else they wanted. But they were also causing a lot of crimes and creating a lot of issues.

Shut It Down

It got so bad to the point that the US government eventually had to kill the whole thing. It just gave the land of Oklahoma because they couldn't stand this much, bloodshed crime, and despair without the government.

Wouldn't it be wild if it was still around today? "Let's go take a boys' trip to Purge City."

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