Here's a fun hack for summer picnics or trips to the pool or the lake...or even a South Texas beach. Have you seen TikTok's "snackle box" trend?

The idea went viral a few years ago, and it's back in the news after Fox News reposted an old video.

@skybutSnackle box 😎

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So, what's a snackle box? It's exactly what it sounds like...a tackle box full of snacks.

The idea is it's portable and has built-in dividers. So you can put all kinds of snacks in there, and they won't mingle.

I live at Buffalo Springs LAke and spend most of my time in boats or on a golf cart just driving around the lake. I'm also a proud chubster, so I need my food to be on the go sometimes. We've been doing a version of the 'snackle box' for YEARS and I'm a fan! Ours is more of a waterproof case than a tackle box, but it's the same concept.

Companies sell legit snackle boxes now on Amazon and other sites. But you can also just buy a regular tackle box and fill it with food.

Or if you really want to do it right, empty out your dad's tackle box (maybe clean the fish guts out first) and toss some brie in there.

Here's an example of a solid 'snackle box' spread:

Getty Images
Getty Images

This is more what mine looks like when I toss some snacks in my snackle box. Lots of crackers, grapes, beef jerky and salami with different cheeses. I keep mine in the large cooler on the back of my golf cart, so everything stays cool and doesn't melt. It's like redneck charcuterie!

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