A toll road, also known as a turnpike or tollway, is a public or private road for which a fee (or toll) is assessed for passage.

Tolls are often collected at toll plazas, toll booths, toll houses, toll stations, toll bars, toll barriers, or toll gates. Some toll collection points are automatic, and the user deposits money in a machine that opens the gate once the correct toll has been paid.

Rates are increased for several toll lanes in the Austin area, including those on US 183, US 183A, Highway 290, State Highway 71 and State Highway 45.

The rates are rising by nearly 4%, which means drivers can expect to pay between 2 and 5 cents more per trip. Officials say the rates increase to stay consistent with inflation.

How Much Do Toll Tags Cost?

The price of the toll depends on your car size, the road you are taking, if you have a TXTag and for how long. For example, a 2-axle car on 183A getting on Lakeline Mainline it will cost you $.69 with a TXTag or $1.04 for pay by mail. If you have the same car on 290 toll the price is a little bit higher.

You can use a toll calculator here to find the price for your trip.

How To Get Free Toll Roads In Texas:

The Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority will now wave certain toll road fees for eligible veterans as part of the new Qualified Veteran Discount Program.

Eligible veterans must either be a recipient of the Purple Heart, the Legion of Valor, the Medal of Honor or be disabled veteran. Qualified veterans must have a vehicle registered in Texas, a qualifying special-issued plate associated with an electronic Tag account and have no outstanding Mobility Authority toll violations.

Eligible veterans can register online with the Mobile Authority. More information about the Texas Tag Veteran Discount Program at the TxTag website.

The Mobility Authority’s Qualified Veteran Discount Program applies to:

  • 183A Toll
  • 290 Toll
  • SH 71 Toll
  • 45SW Toll
  • 183 Toll

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