So what happens when a massive hail storm meets a solar farm? We now have video out of Damon, Texas which is located southwest of Houston that shows us. A massive hail storm went through the area on March 24 and pummeled the area. Including solar farms.

In addition to solar farms in Damon being hit, ABC 13 reports that solar farms in Fort Bend County near Damon were also hit and neighbors are now worried about the chemicals that leaked from those panels. The owner of Fighting Jays Solar Farm in Guy described the damage to the solar panels.

"They look like somebody took a shotgun and blasted it into the air and let the pellets fall down and shatter holes all in them,"

Video shot by Corey Thompson (@Roughneck2real) and posted on X (formally Twitter) shows the extent of the damage in Damon.

There are reports that the solar panels are already being replaced, but that certainly looks like a lot of clean up and we are just at the beginning of severe weather season.

The good news for those concerned about chemicals getting into the water supply? ABC 13 reported that experts don't believe there should be any problems. HAZMAT crews also found no contamination.

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For those who have solar panels on your homes, ABC 13 reported that solar panels on homes are typically made from stronger materials than the panels found at solar farms.

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