Just days before Amanda Bynes was reportedly placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold after walking around downtown Los Angeles naked, a TikTok user filmed a video with the star after bumping into her in Hollywood.

Though the video was filmed on March 17, the fan, a rapper named Kaitlyn, posted it to TikTok on Monday (March 20) after Bynes called the police on herself during a mental health episode.

"Amanda, say 'What's up?'" Kaitlyn says in the video as Bynes grips her arm while they walk together.

"What's up?" Bynes replies.

"We're just walking the streets of Hollywood. It's St. Patrick's Day. I saw my girl walking, so I had to say what's up," Kaitlyn continues.

"Happy she's getting the help she needs. She was sweet, gave her some money, and talked. Sometime[s] ppl just [need somebody] to talk to," the TikTok user captioned the clip.

Watch below:

"She was doing so well I just want her to be happy and healthy," one fan wrote in the comments section.

"So glad you were able to give her some love even for a brief moment," another commented.

When one person asked if the TikToker tried to help Bynes get home, Kaitlyn replied, "She didn’t wanna go home."

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On Monday (March 20), the 36-year-old Amanda Show alum flagged down a car for help and then called the cops after recognizing she was experiencing a mental health crisis.

Bynes was scheduled to appear at 90s Con in Connecticut over the weekend but pulled out due to illness on Friday (March 17).

According to Page Six, a source revealed that Bynes had allegedly been living "on the streets for days" before the call. Apparently, her car had been towed in the Long Beach, Calif., area on March 15, forcing her to hitchhike and/or take public transportation into Hollywood.

Bynes will reportedly remain in treatment past the typical 72-hour period for a 5150  hold until she recovers.

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