BTS fans are gearing up for eldest member Jin's return from the military on June 12, 2024.

The singer enlisted for his mandatory military service in South Korea in 2022 and was the first member of the group to do so.

The remaining six members followed suit over the last year, with the last of them beginning their services in Dec. 2023.

The band's official Twitter/X account announced the news of his return on Monday (June 10), and asked that fans "refrain from visiting the site" and express their "warm regards and encouragement in their hearts."

Jin himself also made one last countdown post on the group's Weverse page.

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The star's return has been made even sweeter by the date lining up perfectly with the group's 11th anniversary on June 12.

"No no y'all don't understand that an idol coming back after completing his military service on the same day his group debuted eleven years ago is such a f--king insane thing," one fan tweeted.

Plus, fans are extra excited after Korean media reported that the other six members reportedly requested leave to reunite with Jin.

Now, fans are overjoyed to welcome the pop star back and are treating his return like an international holiday.

Some fans decided to rightfully treat Jin's return as one big party.

"UR ALLLL INVITED!!!!!" one fan tweeted.

"This is what today feels like," another fan tweeted and attached an image of Jin smiling while confetti rained down around him.

Others turned his return into a holiday, dubbing it "Jinmas" or "Jindependence Day."

Many fans even decided to take the day off from work and school to celebrate.

Some used their creative skills to contribute to the festivities with customizable phone lock screens and more.

And of course, there are memes galore, like one fan's play on the classic "T as in Troy" meme from High School Musical.

On the HYBE building Seoul, the Korean word "apobangpo" has even been displayed across its shiny windows.

The word created by BTS member Jungkook means "ARMY forever, BTS forever."

Similarly, another fan posted a video showing different places around South Korea featuring tributes and decorations dedicated to Jin's return.

See more reactions to BTS Jin's return from the military, below:

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