Chris Hemsworth is officially a STAY, a.k.a. a fan of the K-pop boy group Stray Kids.

In a recent interview, the 2024 Met Gala co-chair gave the group a shoutout after meeting them at the iconic fashion event.

"All the fans have been asking me to ask you how that was because apparently, you lifted them up," an interviewer for Buzzfeed UK asked the Thor: Love and Thunder actor.

"I just picked them up, gave 'em cuddles, yeah, I love them," Hemsworth confirmed.

"They were just like a bundle of energy and joy and I was like, 'I love you guys!' You know, and I was picking them up and having a little wrestle with them," he gushed of the eight-member unit.

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"I get really excited at those events," he added, saying he felt like "a fan" who "snuck in the back door."

"I think living in Australia, I'm so kind of removed from it so when I go to those events, I'm just like, 'Woohoo! I love you! I love your music! I love your TV show! I love your film! Ah, come here, cuddle!'" he exclaimed.

The interviewer also noted that Stray Kids member Changbin was just as excited to meet Hemsworth as a "massive Marvel fan."

"Oh, cool. Well, I was honored too. I felt stoked to meet them too," Hemsworth smiled.

Notably, group leader Bang Chan and rapper/singer Felix are both also Australian.

A fan posted the wholesome clip of Hemsworth talking about the K-pop group on X and the replies were flooded with comments about how adorable the interaction was.

"This is so brilliant and the most Aussie thing ever!" one fan tweeted.

"I can imagine how lovely the energy of this whole interaction was," another fan said in the quotes.

"The way he's talking like an uncle who met his nephews and playfully hugged them and threw them in the air is taking me out," someone else laughed.

One person also compared the interaction to Hemsworth playing with "kindergarteners."

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