A woman on Reddit shared that her best friend pretended to be gay for years just to try to get close to her romantically.

"I have no words and I feel betrayed. We've known each other for almost [two] years now and he had my full trust," she wrote.

"He even slept at my place and even in my bed a couple of times," the woman continued.

"Now I don't know what to do. Should I block him? Or try to understand?" she concluded on Reddit, asking readers for their insight.

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Users in the comments blasted the man, with many suggesting she stay away from him.

"This man literally hunted you. He lied to you about who he was and what his motives were with you, every day, for two f---ing years!! That's INSANE. That's beyond creepy, that's psychopathic. You should absolutely block him," one person wrote.

"Run girl, run. There's nothing to understand and nothing to forgive. Not only did he lie and breach your trust but he also ruined the image of gay people because it's s--t like this that makes people not trust that they are genuinely gay," another person chimed in.

"He's a predator, you need to stay away from him," someone else shared.

"He's been faking being gay? If that's the case you should stop talking to him immediately. That's predatory behavior. Not normal at all," another commented.

"Run, he's a predator, liars like that are dangerous, you might want to mention it to police in case he escalates, you'll have a record of it," someone else advised.

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