A dancer who worked with BTS' Jungkook on a music video for his solo album Golden in 2023 delighted fans on Monday night (May 27) with an adorable behind-the-scenes story.

"This was the funniest mess up of my career," the dancer shared in the caption of a TikTok video with over 1.2 million views.

In the video, Jungkook is playing a video on his phone of a take from his "Standing Next to You" music video in which the dancer messed up the choreography in a funny blooper.

"We usually spin but one take they say stop," the dancer explained.

He spins while everyone else freezes in the video, while Jungkook giggles watching it back.

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"After it happened [Jungkook] came up to us and was like look…. He freaking recorded the take on his phone to make fun of me hahaha and then kept playing it even at dinner," the dancer laughed.

"Miss you JK. Miss all the laughs," he added.

"You just know how much Army misses Jungkook when just seeing his tattoos and hearing his giggles makes us want to cry," one fan commented.

"This is the most jungkook thing ever. He will tease you for life probably," another fan joked.

"I never been this happy to hear a man laugh in my entire life," someone else said.

The dancer previously shared a video he shot from his phone onstage in Central Park where the pop star performed for over 70,000 fans in 2023.

The behind-the-scenes glimpses of Jungkook thrilled BTS fans – a.k.a. ARMY – who haven't seen the singer since he left for his military enlistment in South Korea in Dec. 2023.

Jungkook enlisted alongside BTS member Jimin, while leader RM and member V both entered separate branches of the army.

Currently, all seven BTS members are serving their military enlistment, but fans are excitedly gearing up for the first member's return when Jin is released next month.

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