Matt Bomer claims he lost out on a three-picture deal to portray Superman for Warner Bros. due to his sexuality.

On a recent episode of The Hollywood Reporter's "Awards Chatter" podcast, the 46-year-old actor recalled that he was at one time being considered to play Clark Kent/Superman.

"This is a very early iteration of Superman written by J.J. Abrams, called Superman: Flyby, I think is what it was called, and it never came to light," Bomer said, noting that producers on the daytime soap Guiding Light wrote off his character as they felt he had a good chance to portray the superhero.

“It looked like I was the director’s choice for the role. I signed a three-picture deal at Warner Bros," he said.

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Bomer was then asked if he felt that his sexuality caused him not to get the role.

"Yeah, that’s my understanding. That was a time in the industry when something like that could still really be weaponized against you. How, and why, and who, I don’t know, but yeah, that’s my understanding," the White Collar star added.

In 2006, director Bryan Singer released Superman Returns, with Brandon Routh portraying the caped crusader.

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Bomer came out as gay in 2012 at the Steve Chase Humanitarian awards. The actor thanked his husband Simon Halls and their three kids at the awards ceremony.

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