TV villains: We love to hate 'em.

A new poll from Ranker has revealed the most hated television characters of all time, and the list of the top 15 (as of November 2023) is truly a real grab-bag of menacing baddies and... animated kids?

Television has delivered some of the most memorable, beloved characters of all time — as well as some of the most reviled by viewers.

Whether these characters are starting massive wars, murdering innocents, abusing animals or just whining about their toys, in the case of the single cartoon character on this list, they sure do love to get on viewers' nerves.

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Perhaps to no one's surprise, more than a few bad guys from Game of Thrones appear on this list, as does a killer from Breaking Bad as well as a few villains from The Walking Dead.

But we bet you weren't expecting to see little Caillou alongside Joffrey Baratheon! Damn, like, what did he do that was so bad!?

Read on to find out.

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