A woman on Reddit is furious with her husband after he went behind her back and confronted their son about his sexuality when she wasn't home.

It all started after she came home one day and found her 15-year-old song "cuddling with his friend while they were sleeping" in his room. "I decided not to wake them up and I discussed it with my husband, and the possibility that our son might be gay came up. While I initially agreed with my husband's suggestion to approach our son when his friend leaves, I later decided that we should just wait until our son was comfortable sharing this with us. My husband argued, saying what if he never tells us that he's gay? I told my husband that if he doesn't tell us that he's gay then he's probably not," she began.

She recalled telling her husband that they should both just let their son know that they "love him regardless and leave it at that."

"However, my husband went against our agreement and questioned our son about his sexual orientation while I was driving my son's friend home. When I returned home, I discovered my son in TEARS, yelling and accusing me of outing him. I was confused and told my son that I didn't know what he was talking about," she explained.

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"My son told me while he was crying that his father revealed what I saw and basically coerced him into coming out before he was ready. My son asked me why I would tell his father and why I would enter his room without his permission," the upset mom continued.

She recalled how she started "crying" and told her son she was sorry and accepts him "no matter what."

"My son remained distant and now refuses to speak to me and his father. When I confronted my husband I told him that I was angry that he threw me under the bus. He claimed he didn't mean any harm [and] only shared what I mentioned to our son hoping it'll make him comfortable about coming out to us. Despite his pleas for forgiveness, I can't help but feel anger towards him knowing my son is now feeling hatred for me for something that I actively tried to prevent," she shared.

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In the comments, Reddit users slammed the woman's husband for going against their agreement.

"Yeah, your husband screwed the pooch big time. Your suggestion to wait until your son was comfortable with coming out on his own in his own way was of course correct. Your husband, despite his pleas of innocence, betrayed your trust and your son's privacy. He has created a terrible rift in the family and it is he that has to fix it between you and your son. He created the mess and he needs to clean it up," one person wrote.

"Your husband blamed you as soon as your son started to get defensive, fully knowing that what he was doing was completely against what you discussed and turns out you were 100 percent correct in foreseeing your son’s reaction. I agree your husband should fix it, but I’d also maybe have a conversation with your son [one on one] and explain what happened from your point of view, reiterating it was never your intention to force him to come out and you wanted to let him do it on his own terms," another offered.

"If you don’t feel comfortable discussing important topics with your [significant other], such as your own child, it’s time to reconsider the relationship. The husband is [the a--hole] for betraying that trust and making it that much harder to have those kinds of talks. But you should never feel like you have to hide something serious from your partner," someone else commented.

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