A woman received some support after sharing that her parents are willing to pay for her brother's wedding, but won't pay anything for hers.

"I (F 36) have been dating my boyfriend (40) for about a year and a half. A few months ago my mother asked me on a phone call if 'we were serious' and planning to get engaged," she wrote on Reddit. "I responded yes as this is something he and I have discussed and both want. She immediately responded, 'that’s great!' Followed with 'don’t expect your father and I to pay for anything for the wedding!'"

Her mom told her that she was "too old" to expect help from her parent's.

"This was completely unprompted as I had never asked. To this I responded that he and I don’t really want a wedding and we’re not sure what we’ll do after engagement and when it comes time to plan," she recalled. "Her response was that 'I better not elope again' and 'she expects a nice wedding of some kind regardless of the size.'

The frustrated woman continued, "For context: I eloped with my first husband and she was embarrassed and devastated (her words)."

She told her mom that she can't have "expectations" regarding her wedding, although they aren't even engaged, if she's "not willing to contribute."

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"My boyfriend and I don’t make a ton of money and probably cannot afford even a small ceremony and wedding dinner for even ten people if we’re being honest. We’re fine. But we don’t have $4K laying around and let’s be honest even with a tiny wedding you’re looking at that amount," she stated.

Recently her twin brother became engaged and she is "excited for him."

"Last night my mother and I were discussing his plans (as I was trying to get the scoop and my brothers kinda tight lipped about things). She lets it slip on our phone call that they’re planning a large wedding and my parents are footing half the bill, splitting it with the bride's parents," she added. "I reminded her of our conversation and she immediately called me a jealous brat and ended the phone call."

In the comments, Reddit users rallied behind the woman.

"Your mother is deflecting, knowing she overtly favors your brother and people might find out. Has she always favored your brother? And what's your fathers' stance in this? It certainly doesn't give off equal vibes, hope the will doesn't also reflect this," one person wrote.

"Feels like she’s punishing you for the elopement," another user chimed in.

"She's punishing you and feels guilty," a third person commented.

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