A woman on Reddit says her family is furious with her after she played "inappropriate" Taylor Swift songs at her teenage sister's somber funeral.

The 24-year-old woman shared that she and her 19-year-old sister, who recently passed away, weren't close growing up, but they started getting closer as they got older, particularly bonding over their favorite musician: Taylor Swift.

"We would always go on long drives listening to our favorite albums (1989 and Reputation). I even purchased Eras Tour tickets for her birthday so we could go together, but unfortunately she got into an accident and was in [the] hospital for weeks before passing. I was devastated and heart broken that she passed at such a young age, and that I had no one to go to the concert with," she explained in her post.

When her family began planning the funeral, they left her in charge of the music selection since the two sisters "always bonded over music."

"I wanted to commemorate her memory by playing her favorite artist and to give my sister one last time to hear her music playing, which I did, though my family was not too fond of my selections," she continued.

The woman played Swift's songs "...Ready for It?," "Style," "Dress" and "I Did Something Bad" as guests entered the venue for the funeral, but unfortunately the music didn't go over well.

"My family was appalled by my song choices claiming the selection [was] not appropriate at all and that if I were to play Taylor Swift I should have chosen more fitting songs," she explained.

The woman "tried to explain that these were her [sister's] favorite songs and that my sister would have loved to hear them one last time," but her family said "it didn’t matter and that I ruined her funeral, saying she couldn’t hear the music anyway, so what does it matter if she liked the music or not?"

Throughout the funeral, the woman received dirty looks from her family members and fellow guests, and woke up the next morning to "tons of nasty messages from friends and family saying I made the wrong decision."

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In the comments section, many users supported the young woman's decision to play Swift's music for her late sister, though some also gently let her know she could have been more mindful of the song selection.

"You wanted to play her favorite songs but none of the ones you said were funeral appropriate. You could've gone with some of her more thoughtful songs. Or even instrumentals of her favorites. Imagine a relative walking in and hearing, 'I only wore this dress so you could take it off.' I don't think you're a bad person at all for going with happy memories [thought]," one user commented.

"If your parents were going for a certain vibe, they should have communicated that to you instead of assuming you'd know what they wanted. That being said, it's sort of immature to pull the oblivious, 'Well, these were my sister's favorite songs' card. 'I Did Something Bad' is loud, and the lyrics aren't really funeral appropriate. Neither you nor your parents should be hard on each other over this. You've just suffered a huge loss, and sometimes it's easier to channel grief into petty anger at each other. I'm so sorry for your loss," another wrote.

"I take it you didn't run the play list by your parents beforehand. But even so, they put it in your hands. The funeral is to remember the life and personality of the person who passed, and a way to say goodbye. Sure, she 'can't hear them,' but it was still in honor of her. I see nothing wrong with that," someone else shared.

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