Education is very important to those in the state of Texas.

If a person wishes to know how to do something new, well they have to learn don't they? There's so many ways for one to learn a new skill, but there's one major thing required for someone to obtain that skill. They must have someone teach it to them.

Many learn their new abilities through where else but school. Many people in the Lone Star State attend classes to further their education in a certain subject. With so many towns in Texas, one will certainly be able to provide the knowledge needed.

But, recent data has come that may cause some concern in four towns in Texas. Where are they, and why are they ranked so low in the nation?

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Four Texas Areas Needing Improvements In Education

Monolingual Hispanic Students Learn English
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To find out, we turn to WalletHub for the answer. Wallethub used two main factors to rank cities across the nation in terms of education. They were educational attainment and quality of education & attainment gap.

While some areas of Texas fared better in the rankings, such as the Austin area, others weren't so lucky. In fact, the four at the bottom of the list were as follows. Placed at 141st was Corpus Christi, 143rd was Beaumont-Port Arthur, 148th was Brownsville-Harlingen, and 149th was McAllen-Edinburg-Mission.

So in short, it looks like some parts of the state will need some help to improved their learning!

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