Everyone in Texas loves their own private time.

After a long day of work, there's nothing like coming home and relaxing. Whether it be reading a book, or watching a favorite show, there's many ways to unwind. But, there's always something that could break us out of our relaxing moment.

A loud car could be going through the parking lot, neighbors could be yelling for no reason, or the people above you could be jumping around, scaring you thinking they might come the ceiling. So, to say the least, we all hope that nothing stops us from cooling down. But as times change, one technological advancement has annoyed many.

Some of us have seen drones flying around recently, and sometimes they end up outside our house without permission. But can police fly a drone around your home and it be perfectly legal? The answer might surprise you.

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Can Police In Texas Fly Drones Around Your Home?

To find out the answer, we turn to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. According to the news organization, if an individual in Texas were to send a drone over their neighbor's house, the fine will be high. In fact, it will cost a Texan $10,000!


As revealed by the Star-Telegram, law enforcement in Texas can use drones to examine your house from above. It is deemed legal as per the Texas Privacy Act, if law enforcement suspects that you broke the law.

In case you decide to take the drone by shooting at it, you would only make things worse for yourself. Laws at the federal level will make you pay $250,000 for taking it down. So how does one in Texas avoid a police drone at their house?

Well, don't commit a crime in Texas!

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