When it comes to cats many folks feel like they are aloof, that they are mean, they are grumpy, and the list goes on and on. Giving cats a bad name. Which is so far from the truth. In fact, love their person and when they love you, they REALLY REALLY love you!

Be warned, as you read this, you may start to realize how much your cat actually loves you.

Cats do show love ... how you ask?  Here are a few ways your fur baby shows you love;

1.  Rolling over and showing you their belly.

Your cat's abdomen is a vulnerable area. When they roll back to show you that adorable belly, it means they fully trust you.

Some cats may even feel comfortable with letting their beloved human pet and scratch the belly.

If that's the case with your kitty, consider yourself lucky!



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2. Leaving you gifts ...

 Outdoor cats will sometimes bring you presents to show their love for you. What kind of presents?  Well usually dead or almost dead animals.

Why you ask? Well, they love us soooooo much they want to make sure we don't starve and die.

It is a sweet, sickening way to show that they love you. So, if you have an indoor/outdoor, or an outdoor cat that keeps bringing you ‘gifts’, just know your cat is actually doing something that they think is taking care of you.

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3. Sleeping with you.

It could be that they are seeking warmth and a sense of security, but as anyone who has ever shared bedtime with their fur baby will tell you - they're there because they love you and want to be near you all the time.

attachment-kitty & cheddar

If your cat shows you any of these signs, just know they Love Love Love you!

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