Buzz Question - So, I noticed the other day while we were signing in to NETFLIX that my man's EX has an account on his Netflix! There is a little BOX and her name is on it. He says when they were together She set it up and he's not messing with it. Um, yes you are.... DELETE her off the Netflix! Easily done, right?

Here is what TEXAS had to say about iT!

He's still trying to Netflix n chill with her occasionally!!!

Delete it and change the password.. problem solved. If he has an issue...dump him🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️

Delete the profile with her name on it and keep it moving...nobody has time to do all that investigating. It’s just Netflix 🙄🙄

Good lawd, delete it. Pretty simple. May need to rid of him if he’s already not gonna do that.

Just sent delete it. If he ask just say you don’t have an idea what happened

This type of s%^& makes me laugh. This sounds like the type of man that won’t do shit for you if he can’t delete an ex off Netflix. Maybe when you become the ex you can keep the Netflix and Disney+ profiles. Lol

Hit the Delete button. Change the password and drop the issue. Smile and breathe and all will be better. I hope.

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