We all have a nightly before-bed routine. Whether you realize it or care to admit it or not, we all do, it is a fact. But what we all do varies. Do you shower before you hop into bed? Do you read? Catch up on work emails? Or just crash the second your head hits that pillow? If you do the last thing I just mentioned, I totally envy you!

According to a new survey, the average American will spend a total of 44 minutes in bed before they fall asleep. It is what we do within those 44 minutes, that varies from person to person. I believe of the 44 minutes, I personally take 15 to 20 to fall asleep which is good considering some people need the television, white noise or a pitch black room to sleep. I need none of those things. To each his own.


The most common things we do to unwind in bed are:

  • TEXT

To take it a step further, for those of us who may surf the 'net for a few minutes before bedtime, the apps we typically use in bed are:






In that order. Wait a minute, does no one spend a significant amount of time shopping on Amazon like I do? Another personal favorite is Pinterest.

Less than 75% of people say they set an alarm before bed, I have to, I wake up far too early not to and still another 33% of people say they wash their face before bed. This too is me without fail.

What is your before-bed routine? Do you fall into any of these categories?

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