Can I take a minute to rant AND rave about something that I deal with almost everyday? I promise you will be able to relate. Think about often do you go to a store, be it retail or grocery and you get asked once you are done paying for your items, 'are you part of our rewards program?' I am all about a rewards program. Let me correct that. I'm all in as long as it is worth the time it takes to sign up.  

So let me rant first and say that if you are going to take the time to ask me (I know it is required most places) if I say no, take a minute to explain to me how to sign up. Tell me the website to go to, ask for a bit of my info and more often than not, I will totally sign up and help you meet your quota for the day. lol

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Also, it should not be difficult. Meaning if I go to a website or have to download an app, I will do so if it requires two steps max. I'm not trying to click here to go there, to enter this and submit a drop of blood. Not worth it!

One last rant. Why is it some places that I have signed up for said rewards, I never reap the benefit of these 'rewards?' I'm a rewards member of at least two different retailers where I get nothing! Then what's the point? Why did I bother? If you are a cashier of a place that offers reward points, let the customer know if they can redeem the rewards, or have a percentage off or something. Don't just do what you do at the register after I give you my number for my rewards and send me on my way!

Rave time. Props to the places that have rewards programs that I am constantly reminded of how many points I have saved up, when I will be able to get $5 off or a percentage off of my purchases! I shop at a store frequently (unfortunately we don't have this particular store in the 432) that I open up my app, my purchases are scanned then the cashier taps my phone to show me that with my rewards I can do this today or use that coupon next time. Yes yes yes! Take all my money!

That is how it should be done. Incentives and employees that are on the ball like this will have me joining your 'rewards program' every single time.

7 Ways to Spot a Facebook Hoax

A recent hoax that the Price Chopper Store in Oneida, NY, was closing its doors went viral across the community and online. The report was debunked by WIBX after speaking directly with a Price Chopper rep.

Lies on Facebook spread because they're designed to elicit a strong reaction, whether it be outrage or pure joy. Some hoaxters will operate on a local level in hopes of agitating residents and stirring up controversy.

Here's how you can stop yourself from falling for a fake news report. 

Gallery Credit: Megan

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