If you grew up eating 'brand name' foods and the same with any kind of drinks, how lucky were you? lol I literally had this conversation with my children the other day. They are constantly trying to 'tell me what to buy' for their school lunches and trying to have a say in what we have in the fridge and pantry. 'Nice try' is what they often hear from me...

then I go into the 'when I was your age..' lecture. Kids these days just don't get it. They don't understand that back in the day we didn't have options. I could suggest something to my mother to get me from the store but I knew deep down it wasn't going to happen. I wanted Trix cereal, I probably got Tix. I wanted Coca-Cola, nope, another generic! If it was on sale, momma was buying it and I better like it or just drink water.....sink water! I didn't even know bottled water existed.

Leonardo Caro
Leonardo Caro

My kids think they need Ruffles, Doritos, Cheetos or better yet, the flaming hot version of anything. Really? Because I got the generic version of potato chips for my school lunch. You see the Rice Krispie treat for dessert in the photo for their snacks and lunches? Yeah, there was no such thing as a sweet treat for me. Sandwich, chips and a drink, boom enjoy! lol Actually, I might have just had to make do with milk from the cafeteria for my drink, forget this juice box nonsense.


In all honesty, it sure does make me appreciate not only what I have today but what I am able to give my kids. I don't fault my parents, they were two of the hardest-working people I know! Sure made for some great memories and also I love being able to give my kids a hard time. As you can tell, they are far from deprived.

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