This world renowned, off the grid, home in New Mexico is on the market and could be yours for a measly $825K. What a deal huh?

This particular home has been seen on Netflix, international tv shows and all over social media pages as well as in magazines like Forbes and AirBnB.

I know, $825K is kind of a lot but, you'll save a ton on utility bills. Plus, any home in the Santa Fe area is going to be way expensive so, green up as you cough up ... the green.

An Earthship is a home that's built to be super friendly to the environment, uses mostly recycled materials and is, (quite often), actually built into the landscape around it.

You'll save on utilities and in other ways. Can you imagine if, instead of spending thousands on roofing issues, you just mowed it now and then?

Just because Earthships are made mostly from trash, recyclables and natural terrain; don't count on getting one cheap. As you can see, they're pricey.

Super Cool "Earthship" For Sale In New Mexico

It can be yours for the low, low price of $825K!

Gallery Credit: Dubba G

Using, literally, "crap" like tires, aluminum cans and glass bottles along with normal stuff like cement, adobe and stucco, these things are sturdy and will last damn near forever.

When combined correctly, these recycled and locally sourced materials create thermal mass, naturally regulating the internal temperature of the home without conventional heating and cooling technologies. Oftentimes, these structures are built partly into the ground and sometimes underground to further regulate their internal temperatures. -

Other renewable power sources like solar panels and wind turbines are often added to make Earthships truly off the grid. Great idea, and they're awesome, but yeah ... costly.

If you're interested, you better move quick.

At that price, I'm sure some rich, tree hugger will snap this place up quick and I'd hate to see you miss out.

Montrose Colorado Sustainable Earthship

Tour the Earthship at 364 and 344 Jumping Tree Trl, Montrose, CO 81403!

Gallery Credit: Chris O'Neil

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