Find a penny, pick it up and all day long you'll have good .... hey, wait a minute ...

"Find a penny, pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck". My Grandmother taught me that little poem and I still think of her every time I see a penny on the ground.

Do you pick up pennies? I stopped, after all, what can you buy with one? Or even a handful. I have a few rolls of 'em I can't give away.

I'm not sure why the government even still makes them. They're worth 1 cent but cost almost 3 cents to make. No surprise no one wants them but don't toss yours just yet.

There's a certain penny out there that is actually worth more than a penny ... WAY more. $300,000 to be exact.

In 1943 the United States was gearing up for WW II and copper, badly needed to make ammunition with, was in short supply.

 Due to a copper shortage, the U.S. Mint produced pennies using zinc-coated steel instead of the traditional copper composition. These steel pennies were only produced for one year, and the unique material composition made them distinct from all other pennies in U.S. history.

Not all 1943 pennies come with that price tag but some will. Watch for fakes though. Here's what you're looking for and how to verify it ...

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Some pennies can be worth even more, as much as $590,000 ... 
So, go through that coin jar carefully.
You might want to go see what the grandparents and Great grandparents are sitting on too.

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