Many of us have gone through a falling out with someone at some point in our lives. Whether it's a significant other or a best friend, you think things are going great, then... boom! One little thing can break the two of you apart, something Jake Miller and Justin Caruso explore on their new collaboration, "Don't Know You."

"Have you ever known someone better than you know yourself and spend almost every second of every day with them and then one bad turn happens and they become someone that you can't even send a text to?" Caruso shares of the track.

"This song connects to so many situations in that same manner, just as I have felt in my own life," he adds. "I hope you all enjoy and connect with this song as much as I have."

While the song delves into some heavy feelings, the music keeps things light and will make you want to start grooving the bad vibes away immediately. Between Miller's smooth vocals and Caruso's electro-pop production, this one will definitely be that dance track that you'll be playing all weekend long.

If you're wondering how these two even got into the studio together, they've actually been wanting to work together for some time.

"Justin and I have known each other for years and have always talked about doing a record together," Miller admits. "I'm so happy that we finally made it happen and the song turned out as dope as it did. Being in the studio with Justin was really easy since we're friends and we both respect one another as musicians."

And he can't wait to bring it to the stage: "I'm super hyped to start performing this song with him live," he says. "It's going to be epic!"

So does this mean a few live shows are in the works for these two? Only time will tell. Listen to "Don't Know You," premiering on PopCrush, below.

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