The untimely death of Whitney Houston on Feb. 11 stunned the music community and the entire world. After hearing the tragic news, grief-stricken producers of the 54th annual Grammy Awards had the daunting task of creating a special tribute for the late pop icon in less than 24 hours.

In the new documentary, ‘A Death in the Family: The Show Must Go On,’ Grammy Awards executive-producer Ken Ehrlich recalls the last-minute changes to the show after the sudden passing of Whitney Houston. The movie can be viewed in its entirety on

In one segment, Jennifer Hudson recalls her emotional breakdown while singing Houston’s timeless classic ‘I Will Always Love You’ during Grammy rehearsals.

“We rehearsed the song one time. And then the second time around, Ken came over and said, ‘It’s not a performance. You’re singing to Whitney,’” she recalls (via ETOnline). “And I knew exactly what he meant. So the second time around singing it, I could not get through the song.”

The documentary also included interviews with Grammy host LL Cool J, who gracefully open the show with a spiritual prayer, which the producers believe was a pivotal moment on national television.

Of course, Hudson gave a somber yet memorable performance of ‘I Will Always Love You.’ It was a respectful tribute that will forever be remembered in Grammy folklore.

Rest in peace, Whitney Houston. We will always love you.

Watch Jennifer Hudson Discuss Her Onstage Breakdown Over Whitney Houston’s Death

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