Recreational sedatives are aces in the hole for those prone to anxiety, nervous flyers or Jennifer Lawrence when she's about to film a Hunger Games scene.

On last night's (May 24) Tonight Show, Lawrence joined host Jimmy Fallon and John Oliver for a game of True Confessions, in which they'd each have two envelopes: one hosted a truth and the other hosted a lie. After reading one, each contestant would be subject to a one-minute interrogation by the other two competitors, who would then guess whether the admission was real.

In the clip above, J. Law, who goes first, reads: "I once took an Ambien before filming a scene in The Hunger Games." Immediately, she cracks a smile, and the guys dig into her like a pair of gumshoes.

"Were you sleeping in the scene?" Fallon asks, but Lawrence shoots him down, insisting her character was actually dancing (KATNISS TURNT!!!).

"Was it a fight scene that you slept through?" Oliver poses.

"No, no. Do I just answer it yes or no?" the suspect denies.

When the 60 seconds are over, both guys guess that it's true — and Lawrence confirms she did, indeed, take a pill before Hunger Games cameras went up. Still, she insists it was a mistake.

"I thought it was something else," she says. "That was, like, normal to take."

Watch the clip above to see how Fallon's and Oliver's turns in the hot seat go, and tell us if you think you know which Hunger Games scene J. Law's alluding to.

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