Classic rockers will continue to be featured on American stamps. Today (Feb. 21), it was learned that we can expect to see names such as John Lennon and Janis Joplin adorning letters over the next few years.

The Washington Post received a leak of a document by the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee containing a breakdown of the Postal Service's "Approved Subjects" through 2016. In the "Music Icons" series, we can expect Jopiln and Jimi Hendrix at some point this year, while James Brown and Elvis Presley -- a reissue of the top-selling 1993 stamp -- are scheduled for 2015.

Meanwhile, Jim Morrison, Lennon and Roy Orbison are among the classic rockers for whom a year has yet to be determined. Other legends of American music, such as Sam Cooke, Bill Monroe, Willie Dixon and Tammy Wynette have also been approved, with no definite time frame for their launch.

Other names for 2014 include Shirley Chisolm -- the first African American woman elected to Congress -- gay rights activist Harvey Milk and NBA great Wilt Chamberlain. However, the Post's article quotes Susan McGowan of the Postal Service as saying that, even though the names have been approved, the list is "subject to change" at any time.

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