JoJo has been through the wringer and back. After finally triumphing over a years-long battle to get released from her former record label, the pop star revealed that a "company [she] was at previously" forced her to lose weight using extreme measures.

Talking to POPSUGAR, the "F*** Apologies" singer, whose new album Mad Love is due out October 14, said that bowing to external pressures to alter her appearance ended up "messing with [her] psychologically."

"I was under a lot of pressure with a company I was at previously and they wanted me to lose weight fast," JoJo explained. "So they got me with a nutritionist and had me, like, on all these supplements, and I was injecting myself — this is a common thing 'the girls' do all the way — it makes your body only need certain calories, so I ate 500 calories a day. It was the most unhealthy thing I've ever done."

After gaining the weight back, the artist shared that she felt guilty, and that she had only agreed to participate out of fear her album release would be squashed by the powers that be if she didn't cooperate.

"I felt like, 'If I don't do this, my album won't come out.' Which it didn't! So it's not like it even worked!" she revealed, adding that while she is open to listening to other people's opinions, she understands now that "listening and following are different things."

"What you think about yourself and the decisions you make is what's most important," JoJo told the site.

After the revelation, Kesha, another body positive pop star and artist who has been embroiled in record label issues, reached out to the "Leave (Get Out)" star to offer her own support, writing on Twitter, "I'm proud of you... They can't break you and they don't own you."

Minutes later, JoJo, who previously voiced support for Kesha over her legal battle with Dr. Luke, responded, "That's not 2say I didn't feel completely broken along the way though. But I feel alive 2day. I'm excited 4u to feel it too [sic]."

See their uplifting exchange below:

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