Jordyn Woods reportedly "denied" she ever hooked up with Tristan Thompson when initially confronted by Khloe Kardashian.

Kardashian apparently heard that the duo were seen "making out" at a party in Los Angeles on Feb. 17, but Woods said it never happened, according to a report from Us Weekly. She eventually came clean, however. Woods is the first woman Kardashian confronted about cheating with Thompson.

"When Khloe confronted Jordyn, at first she denied it," an insider alleged. "But then she admitted it."

The source added, "Khloe has never confronted another woman Tristan has cheated with before."

A separate source told the outlet Kardashian asked Thompson about it, and he "admitted it was true." She ended their relationship and told Kylie Jenner, Woods' best friend, what happened.

Several witnesses claim Woods and Thompson were "all over each other" at a party the NBA star hosted. Kardashian reportedly "feels so betrayed" that Woods, who had been so close to the family, would do that.

"This time hurts even more because the person who it was with is someone who knows very much what Khloe has gone through in the past year. Jordyn is like part of the family," an insider alleged. "[Jordyn] was very much aware how devastated Khloe was by Tristan's previous betrayal. Jordyn knew so much that it is hard for those immediately around them to wrap their minds around how she could do it."

Khloe hasn't yet addressed the drama, but has been posting cryptic quotes on social media. She liked a tweet about "a sick man" and "terrible woman" who "do not deserve your love." The Good American founder also deleted several photos of Thompson.

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