Justin Bieber is in a dancing mood!

Yesterday (July 16), the 20-year-old posted a video to Instagram of himself dancing to Lady Gaga’s ‘Do What U Want’ feat. R. Kelly. In the clip he’s working his hips and legs as he glides around a skating rink in roller skates.

While his moves are slick — especially for someone on wheels — we’re more impressed by his fellow skaters rolling by him nonchalantly, as if the world’s biggest pop star wasn’t showing off his skills right beside them!

For some reason the ‘Believe’ star later deleted the vid, and we know it wasn’t because he was embarrassed of his dancing since he posted similar videos today.

In the first, the singer is dancing to Trey Songz’s ‘Touchin’, Lovin’’ feat. Nicki Minaj while he and two friends hike up a hill. He captioned the video, “Turn up on our hike lol. don’t take us serious were just havin fun.”

In the second Insta vid, Justin is (still) dancing, this time to Birdman’s ‘Lifestyle.’ He wrote, “Have fun in life and don’t take things so seriously. Be yourself no matter what people think. @khalil today was dope!!”

So he can dance, hike and dish out life advice all at the same time? Impressive!

We hope Biebs never gets this dancing bug out of his system.

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