Justin Bieber has had it up to here with the Hollywood rumor mill — and he's asking his Beliebers to do something about it.

On Wednesday (June 15), the high-profile pop star posted a message to his Instagram, asking his fans to spam Hollywood Life, a popular celebrity news and entertainment media web site that often posts about the star's love life and many controversies.

"The web site Hollywood Life is untruthful and hurtful," he wrote to his staggering 71.6 million followers. "Let's spam them and petition to shut them down! Go!!"

Later, the singer urged his fans to mobilize on Twitter, asking them to tweet "#hollywoodlifeisgarbage." Unsurprisingly, the hashtag is now trending.

Already, the Beliebers are obeying, with scores of his fans enthusiastically sharing the hashtag on Twitter:

It's still unclear what exactly prompted Bieber's tirade, but as Jezebel reports, it may have something to do with a number of articles Hollywood Life published this week about his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, as well as his rumored new girlfriend, Nicola Peltz. Since the artist posted to Instagram, the site has interestingly removed a handful of the stories.

However, this isn't the first time the "Love Yourself" singer has gone off on the gossip web site. Back in May 2015, Bieber slammed a story on the site called "Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Why Their Church Believes They Should Be Together."

In a since-deleted tweet, the pop star vented, "Hollywood Life is the most outrageous, fake, weird, non-factual garbage web site I've ever seen. They literally make up whatever they want and usually I don't care, but this one is so ridiculous I had to say something. Don't go to their web site and give them any traffic."

Somehow, we have a feeling that Bieber spotlighting the site to tens of millions of obsessed fans may have the opposite effect he's hoping for.

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