Kelly Clarkson said that because she’s so competitive, she wanted to find the perfect people to duet with her on ABC’s ‘Duets.’ It’s possible that she just may have done that after seeing her first performance with Jason Farol.

The two performed Clarkson’s ‘Breaking Your Own Heart’ for an audience who had already experienced every other star on the show singing with duet partners, so the competition had already been laid out in front of them. But Clarkson’s choice was smart, because her voice mixed with Farol’s in a way that filled out the song and provided a very layered sound. The only thing Clarkson should be concerned about is the fact that Farol doesn’t seem entirely comfortable on stage. She was willing to let him have the lead and didn’t overpower him, but he seemed to want to hide.

The other singing stars seemed happy with the performance. They seemed enamored with Farol. Jennifer Nettles told him, “When you open up and your voice opens up, it lights up the room.” Robin Thicke, having proclaimed that he’s comfortable in his manhood, said he found Farol adorable. And John Legend exuded love for Clarkson’s partner and congratulated him for a great performance. He said, “I love how much you love being here and how much you love music and love this opportunity.”

After all that, Farol ended up fourth place out of all four competitors who had performed so far, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t got a good shot. Clarkson’s charm can pull anyone out of their shell, and chances are she’ll make a good duet partner out of Farol.

Watch Kelly Clarkson + Jason Farol Perform ‘Breaking Your Own Heart’

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