Visitors to Ted Nugent's Facebook page are used to seeing the Motor City Madman posing next to his latest wildlife kills. But they may have noticed someone else familiar on there recently, too.

In a post from a couple weeks ago, Nugent posted a photo of fellow Detroit rocker Kid Rock posing next to a freshly killed mountain lion. And Nugent took the opportunity to bash animal-rights-activists ... or as he referred to them, “braindead squawkers."

Nugent kicked off 2014 by calling President Obama a "subhuman mongrel." Looks like he's getting the new year started off in the same fashion, by not only celebrating Kid Rock's kill but calling it a "damn riot." And causing quite a bit of controversy in the process.

Presumably, Kid Rock will spend a great deal of 2015 promoting his upcoming album, 'First Kiss,' which comes out on Feb. 24. The album's first beer commercial ... oops, we mean video -- is already out.

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