Lady Gaga is #WithHer.

On Monday evening, November 7, the pop star made an appearance at Hillary Clinton's rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she delivered a passionate speech about why she's voting for Clinton, as well as performed a string of songs to mark the historic occasion.

At the podium, Gaga spoke of Clinton's unwavering strength, resilience and pragmatism, telling the crowd, "Hillary Clinton is the one. Hillary Clinton is made of steel. Hillary Clinton is unstoppable."

"What I'm asking you is to be in this moment right now with us and fight for your future and the future of our children," she declared. "You know, it's so amazing because no matter how absurd and mean [Donald Trump] became, she smiled bravely, and she continued on."

The Joanne singer also implored voters to stand united with their fellow American citizens—including Trump supporters.

"We do not need to hate his followers," she explained. "If we are true, true Americans then we must go from viewing his followers as our adversaries to viewing them as our allies."

Gaga concluded, "Why don’t you put your voting shades on, practice your walk to the polls, and go out and vote for Hillary Clinton? I think it’s time to come to mama!"

Later, the pop star joined Jon Bon Jovi for a rollicking performance of his 1986 anthem, "Livin' on a Prayer." Watch below:

Online, controversy erupted when some viewers mischaracterized Gaga's jacket, particularly the red upper armband, to be a Nazi reference. However, the jacket worn by the artist during the campaign rally actually previously belonged to Michael Jackson and was purchased by Gaga during an auction in 2012.

Jackson wore the jacket when he visited the White House in 1990, when former President George W. Bush honored him as Entertainer of the Decade.

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