Lance Bass decided to change things up over the holiday weekend, as the former *NSYNC singer decided to dye his hair using PRAVANA blue!

Bass took to his Instagram account to show his fans the before and after photos. Initially, it appears that he wasn't sure which color he was going to choose going into the salon, posting, "For the 4th weekend I'm going to put fun @Pravana color in my hair !! What color / colors should I put in?! Luscious Lavender? Blue? Silver ? Decisions decisions"

We then see his platinum blonde hair that we remember with Justin, Chris, Joey and JC turn into a new, shiny fun shade of blue.

Lance Bass: Before

Lance Bass: After

Pretty cool!

Bass is making the press rounds talking about his debut solo single titled 'Walking on Air.' The song has already been a No. 1 hit in Europe and made its North American debut two weeks ago.

While speaking with ABC News, Bass said, "One song fell in my lap that I just knew I had to record, which was the song, 'Walking on Air.' The girl on the track, I fell in love with -- Bella Blue -- and I had to do this duet as my first single."

The electric pop tune will also be remixed for clubs and DJs.

"In the meantime, I'm already working on my second single, so music is def back in my life," he revealed.

Listen to 'Walking on Air' feat. Alise K, Bella Blue & Snoop Dogg

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