Lauren Jauregui is making good on her promise to continue to speak out against injustice in the era of Donald Trump's presidency.

In a new interview with HOT 97's Nessa transcribed by Billboard, Jauregui opened up about a series of open letters she's released, in which she condemned the behavior of many Republican voters whom she's seen as boldly misogynistic. Jauregui expanded on her remarks with Nessa, and said she discovered in light of her statements that many people feel similarly.

"I kind of saw a lot more support than I saw backlash," she said. "For me, the whole message was really important and at the time I felt in my heart compelled to say something about it because I so strongly believe in what I believe in and I myself I love who I am and I love who these women are. And we represent that. We stand for women of color and women going through things and this administration just jeopardized that in a very grand scheme and in a way that made it seem validated and that to me wasn't acceptable."

"I needed our fans to know they're loved and accepted and fear isn't the way to go," she added.

Jauregui also noted that — as an entertainer — she bears a particular responsibility to her fans, who often view her as someone with all the answers.

"For me as an artist, pop culture has so much power and influences society on a regular basis — I see it in the kids, I see it in everyone that I encounter, everyone is influenced by pop culture whether we want to be or not," she said. "Something that's so important, is just like empowering these kids and letting them know what their voice means and showing them that they shouldn't be afraid. Because there's nothing to fear."

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