Not many men get around as much as Leo.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal have reportedly split up, his latest relationship to go down like the Titanic. But, hey, don't feel too badly for the Oscar winner: he finds ladies to keep time with the way people on The Bachelor find roses.

Yes, DiCaprio, 42, is the very definition of "swinging bachelor" (hmm, maybe he should be on the ABC show), a modern day Lothario who goes from supermodel to supermodel with the swiftness and ease of Tarzan going from vine to vine.

Will DiCaprio ever settle down? A better question is why should he? If the Revenant star can hit the town with the most beautiful women in the world like he can why not just enjoy the real-life dating sampler that has been his life for over two decades? Seriously, he goes through girlfriends the way little kids go through Capri Sun juice boxes.

Don't believe it? Just take a look at some of the ladies he has been linked to over the years and then weep at how unfair the world is.

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