Machine Gun Kelly released the audio today for "Let You Go," which includes MGK's signature rapping but also a little bit of something new. The tune, about a failed relationship that Kelly regrets letting go, offers up a traditional pop chorus that we'd expect from a group like Fall Out Boy -- not the normally hard-edged vocals of MGK.

The lyrics go, "Woah, woah / She said you need to let me go / Woah, woah / She said I died for you, you're like my drug but I can't get high off you / You're not mine anymore."

Kelly's soft crooning will wind its way inside your ears and make you feel the same lost-love ache Young Gunner does.

"Let You Go" is the latest New Music Friday release from Machine Gun Kelly, who recently collaborated with Hailee Steinfeld for last week's drop of "At My Best." Before that, his ear worm of a song "Bad Things" with Camila Cabello, was making endless rounds on the airwaves.

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