After nearly a decade of stalking and harassing R&B singer Ashanti, Devar Hurd was convicted of felony stalking during a New York City trial on Friday March 18.

The court found Hurd, who had been sending the singer graphic tweets and text messages for years, as well as turning up at events Ashanti was set to attend, guilty of second degree felony stalking. He will be sentenced later this month on March 31, and it's been reported that he could face up to four years for the charges after rejecting a plea deal.

The ruling comes just three years after Hurd was jailed for similar charges in 2013. Prior to that, the 37-year-old was convicted for stalking and sending the singer's mother, Tina Douglas, a photo of his genitals in 2009. Friday's trial was the third in connection with the current case, following a mistrial in December 2014 and a December 2015 trial that resulted in a hung jury that was unable to reach a clear verdict.

During the trial on March 18, Hurd served as his own legal council, a strategy which gave him the opportunity to both personally question Ashanti during the courtroom cross-examination as well as read aloud many of the sexually lewd tweets and messages he had sent her during the cross-examination.

During his defense, he reportedly defended himself by telling the jury that sending the singer explicit messages was not technically stalking and that she could have simply blocked him.

Hurd appeared to have no restrictions placed on his comments, which essentially gave him free reign to question and further taunt Ashanti. This legal loophole undoubtedly only caused her further duress.

Thankfully, Ashanti can now sleep sound knowing justice has been served.

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