Forget sensible farm-to-table fast casual restaurants or the ease of Seamless — the new biggest threat to America's fried foods is pop star Lorde. You've been warned, chicken fries, tater tots and the like.

Thanks to some seriously impressive sleuthing from New Zealand's NewsHubpop fans had reason to believe this morning (June 13) that the "Green Light" singer has been secretly rating the world's onion rings — and, in some cases, rather savagely.

The site first got the impression it had Lorde figured out when it took a closer look at the @onionringsworldwide Instagram account (it's been deleted since the story ran). The account turned some heads when Lorde seemed to follow it out of nowhere — particularly since it only had only racked up 23 other fans (others include Lorde's associates Justin Warren, Jimmy Mac and Maddy Budd).

NewsHub went on to report that onion ring reviews had just rolled in from Tennessee and New York — two cities that chronicled a trip Lorde had recently made surrounding performances at Bonnaroo. The account had also recently reviewed rings from Sydney, New York and Hatfield, New York, which were also recent, likely destinations or layovers.

Finally, the site pointed to @onionringsworldwide's language ("eaten ceremoniously on charter plane from Tennessee to New York," reads one review) as a dead ringer for Lorde's lexicon.

Head over to Newshub to see some screenshots of Lorde's O-ring ratings — from the praise ("Very good — thick") to the less than favorable ("They are not good") and tell us if you buy that the pop star's a secret threat to Zagat.

Lorde + More Pop Stars Perform at Governor's Ball:

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