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Based in Nashville, Mags Duval knows a thing or two about writing love songs. But on the 19-year-old singer-songwriter's latest single, she's less in love than she is unwilling to set her beau free from are we/aren't we limbo.

"Stay Lonely" is a brutally honest slice of moody alt-pop that explores the other side of selfishness in a relationship—specially, why someone would choose to lead someone else on. A fusion of sensually-charged R&B and heartfelt country, Duval's glossy voice floats over a flickering beat as she confesses, "I really want you to stay lonely / 'Cause if I can't have you, nobody else should have you."

"I wrote 'Stay Lonely' at 3 a.m. about someone I was interested in, but I knew it would never work out between us," she tells us. "I wanted the video to represent being in a relationship that was safe and rather stale while dreaming of and feeling conflicted about a past love that was toxic, but intoxicating."

Set him free, why don't cha babe?

Watch her video, premiering exclusively on PopCrush, below:

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