No longer content in dominating the liquid lipstick market alone, beauty guru Kylie Jenner has set her sights on conquering eyeshadow, too.

Kylie unveiled an eyeshadow palette -- cleverly named KyShadow -- today (July 25) as the latest addition to her popular makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics.

In a new video posted to her site, Kylie could hardly contain her excitement when she explained in a near-whisper, "I have been dreaming of this moment for way too long. This eyeshadow palette is literally my baby."

Kylie Jenner's literal baby

While her lips have understandably been the forefront of conversation regarding all things Kylie (over-lining! over-plumping! Juvederm!), her eye makeup -- always expertly applied -- has been unfairly overshadowed in the process.

Thankfully, that wrong will soon be righted as Kylie attempts to shift the focus with her KyShadow Bronze Palette, which includes several neutrals that are perfect for a casual, everyday look.

She even includes an eyeshadow tutorial from her makeup artist Ariel Tejada in the video, whose hands work effortlessly across Kylie’s lids to best demonstrate how to use all nine shadows in one go. Is it a little excessive for an everyday look? Probably! But whatever, she looks so good!

There’s even a bonus LIP KIT hack for those of you who own Kylie’s liquid lipstick in True Brown. At the tail end of the tutorial, Kylie applies the creamy liner to her lower lash line to make her eye color pop. (Please be sure to disinfect your lip liner before trying this, unless you are craving a bad bout of pink eye.)

According to Kylie's site, the KyShadow Bronze Palette will be available beginning July 26, though there's no word yet as to how much it'll cost you.

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