The social media spectacle spurred by the defamation trial between exes Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues.

Shortly after the verdict was announced Wednesday (June 1), a man claimed his friend wont $10,000 betting on the highly publicized, volatile and complex case.

"Gambling is insane my bro won $10k on the Johnny Depp case," the user tweeted.

The claim was accompanied by a screenshot of the alleged money in hand.

Reactions to the claim were mixed, with some wondering, "who tf was betting on Amber Heard," and others weighing in, "if you bet on a domestic abuse trial you have [many] issues."

One person quote-tweeted the post and wrote, "It’s so so sinister how people turned an abuse trial into a big joke as if it’s a TV show or something like how are u betting on this??"

They continued, "I really hope people look back on this in a few years and realize how insane it is."

One user's quote-tweet reply to the claim that someone won $10,000 by gambling on the trial succinctly summed up the circus that was this case: "I've officially seen it all," they wrote.

The supposed bet and subsequent viral tweet is yet another example of how sensationalized the Depp-Heard case has become after being publicly broadcast and livestreamed across social media platforms.

Although the trial was streamed live, people who didn't watch the actual case unfold weighed in with their takes online anyway. Sides developed on social media under hashtags such as #IStandWithAmberHeard and #JusticeforJohnny.

"Many people commenting on the trial never watched it. NOT A MOMENT. Many of them openly admitted this, and then went on to comment on the evidence, or what they believed, or what it all meant. Some people watched snippets," one reporter tweeted in a thread.

As the case unfurled, interactions on social media became more and more volatile.

From edits of the lawyers backed by silly music to memes galore, the case became a bizarre example of how messy even the most serious situations can become when tossed to the internet.

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