Ahoy, mateys. Lower the sail! Raise the anchor! Prepare to set sail for Reboot Island!

Okay, so while I clearly am not qualified to write the picture, Disney is getting ready to restart the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise with a new approach. The Hollywood Reporter says they have brought in Margot Robbie to star in a “female-fronted” Pirates movie, written by Christina Hodson, who did the screenplay for Robbie’s Birds of Prey.

According to THR, this is a wholly new take on the concept of pirates in the Caribbean. Don’t expect to see Captain Jack:

While plot details are being kept in Davey Jones’ locker, the project, in early development, is not intended to be a spinoff of the long-running franchise that had pirate Jack Sparrow at its center but rather a wholly original story with new characters under the Pirates moniker, itself inspired by the long-running attraction at Disneyland. The new project is said to be separate from the already announced reboot of the popular franchise that has Pirates scribe Ted Elliott and Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin developing the story.

I’m not sure why you would have two different Pirates reboots at the same time, unless you don’t think one of them is going to pan out or you’re planning to turn Pirates into some kind of cinematic universe featuring different ships with different characters who eventually meet up. That could be kind of fun, I suppose, although the Pirates franchise as a whole really felt like it ran its course by the final Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales in 2017.

At this rate, though, any new Pirates movie is probably like three to five years away. By then, people may miss the property enough to be excited by a new take on it, especially from Robbie and Hodson. I do think this Reboot Island concept has some promise.

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