Welcome to PopCrush's Daily Break! Here's a breakdown of today's hottest pop culture and lifestyle stories as heard on PopCrush Nights, airing across the country. Check out Miley Cyrus' leaked track list, relatable Instagram struggles and more, below!

  • Instagram Struggles That Are Way Too Relatable
    Instagram can be so frustrating! Its like an ex that keeps pissing you off but you keep going back for more. I'm pretty sure we all share the same struggles when it comes to the 'gram, like not being able to click a link in a caption, trying to stalk someone with a private account, or accidentally like someone's picture from three years ago. Check out this Buzzfeed article on the 17 Instagram struggles that are all too real.
  • Blue Halloween Buckets for Autism Awareness
    I absolutely love this initiative! Halloween is right around the corner and though it's typically a fun and exciting night for kids, for parents with kids who are autistic it can be extremely frustrating. So, one mom from Hawaii is encouraging people to use blue Halloween buckets while trick or treating to let homeowners know that they may have autism and have a hard time asking for candy. So cool! (via People)
  • That Awkward Moment You Accidentally Leak Your Own Track List
    Miley's latest Instagram Live was a mess for more reasons than one. Not only did she shade her ex, Liam Hemsworth, and disrespect the LGBTQ+ community, but she also accidentally leaked her own album track list. Yikes! (via PopCrush)
  • It's Affirmation Tuesday!
    Here is your affirmation of the day by my favorite Instagram account! Let's finish out the rest of this year strong and not dwell on what we haven''t accomplished. The year isn't over yet!

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