"If it's only just a dream / Then I don't ever want to wake up..." Molly Moore sings on the chorus of the opener of her enchanting EP, Now You See Me.

The L.A.-by-way-of-New York singer-songwriter weaves an emotive tale of whimsical self-discovery on her folk, electronica and R&B-influenced EP, sounding like a cosmic cross between Lorde, Oh Land and Niki and the Dove — particularly on swirling, cerebral tracks like "Free Spirit" and "Just A Dream."

Moore also dips her toe into the melodic hues of soul ("Imaginary Friends"), cinematic piano-driven balladry ("Violet Sky") and feral psych-pop ("Now You See Me"), crafting a sonic narrative that is both exploratory and concise.

"I wrote this EP as an unfiltered look into my journey of self," Molly reveals. "It's very close to my heart, a lot of the words were written as stream of consciousness."

Listen to Molly Moore's Now You See Me, premiering exclusively on PopCrush, below, and pre-order the EP on Apple Music. Now You See Me is out November 8.

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